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The following items are what Jeep Trail Info recommends that people carry with them on every 4-wheel-drive excursion.

Basic Outdoor Preparedness Gear:

1. Water
2. Food
3. Proper Clothing (know the weather forecast for where you will be)
4. First Aid Kit
5. Matches, Lighter, Candles, FIRE
6. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Trash Bags, wet wipes
7. Detailed Maps, Topo Maps, Compass, Watch
8. Knife
9. Tarp, rain gear
10. Cell phone or CB
11. Flares, signal mirror, police whistle
12. Flashlight (with extra batteries)

Off-Highway Vehicle Excursions:

1. Tow Strap (8' to 15'; 2x GVW, with loops, not hooks)
2. Fire Extinguisher
3. Jumper Cables, Extra Fan Belts
4. Stop Leak radiator repair, Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid
5. Full tank of gas
6. Baling wire, duct tape, zip ties
7. Jack & spare tire (check air pressure)
8. Tire pressure guage, Electric/manual tire pump, Fix-a-Flat, tire repair kit
9. Compact folding shovel/axe/saw
10. Heavy duty work gloves
11. Replacement fuses, electrical tape
12. Basic tools: wrenches, pliers, mallet, ratchet, spark plug socket
13. Tools/parts specific to your vehicle
14. Service Manual
15. Hoses, clamps, nuts, bolts, washers
16. Recovery Strap (20' to 50'; 3x GVW)
17. Ratchet Straps, bungee cords, equipment tie-downs

Additional equipment for more extensive excursions:

1. Hi-Lift Jack
2. Full-size Shovel
3. Full-size Axe, Bow Saw, Chain Saw
4. Tire Chains
5. Winch with accessories: tree strap, clevis, snatch block, chain

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