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House Mountain

View from House Mountain, Sedona, AZ
Photo by Nena Barlow

Trail to House Mountain, Sedona, AZ
Photo by Nena Barlow

Trail Highlights
A local favorite, but it is the least known Sedona trail for three reasons:
1. It is the furthest from town of the “Sedona” trails.
2. No red rocks on the trail, but great views of the red rocks.
3. It beats the snot out of you for the last mile to the top.

If you are still reading, you either need professional help OR you are looking for that little-known, out-of-the-way trail that knocks your socks off, and this is it! For all of its warts (as listed above), it is a fun, moderately adventurous trail, with breathtakingly spectacular views. And you are not likely to be sharing those views with very many other people.
Just enough 4x4 challenge to intimidate a novice in a stock SUV.
Open year-round, though not recommended in wet winter conditions.

Adventurous 5.

12 miles off-pavement. Allow 3 hours.

Recommended for high-clearance four-wheel-drive vehicles with low range transfer cases (4L). Tough tires are a good idea, and it helps to have a driver who knows how to pick around basketball-sized rocks.  

House Mountain Map B&W (instant download Adobe PDF)

Convenient one-page download trail map. Print grayscale or black & white on standard 8.5"x11" paper. 

Map includes:

• Written directions

• Mileage points

• Topographical data

• Driving tips

• Points of interest

House Mountain B&W (instant download Adobe PDF) $1.95

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